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A hearty welcome to the website of the best counselling psychologist in Kochi. I am a psychologist and family counsellor based in Kochi, Kerala India. And, here is a gist of what I do to help students and families who struggle with psychological issues.
Being a counsellor, I can help you cope up with your anxieties and fears. So, if you or your loved ones need a safe space to release your thoughts and worries or  express your emotion, then please enter your email address above or message me on
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I counsell adolescent and families who are under stress. Children with learning difficulties come to me for better results and reduce their examination phobia, stress and anxiety.


I speak at various student conferences and workshops related to mental health and stress management. This makes me one of the best counselling psychologist in Kochi.


I write articles in different news papers and magazines. As part of my Ph.D I do also different case studies and publish papers in journals.

My Story

Psychologist, Family counsellor, Adolescent counsellor

I have over 16 years of experience working with children and adolescents. I worked as the chief student counselor at St.Teresa’s College and School Kochi. As a result, I was able to meet and guide children with examination phobia, exam anxiety, and family troubles.
Since I have worked with many school-going teenagers, I understand that eliminating the fear factor is a major task at hand. Therefore, I am able to boost the confidence of children and adults alike through counseling. I was able to help so many students bring back their focus to studies as a result of my therapy sessions.
Similarly, behavioral problems in adolescents can be counseled and rectified along with boosting their confidence. Therefore, my aim is to help them lead a much fulfilled and successful life.
Since I am a Malayalee, I do online counselling in Malayalam as well.


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